Making Policy Public
August 6
A program of the Center for Urban Pedagogy (CUP)

2008 Policy Briefs

1. Predatory equity takeover of affordable housing
Mitchell-Lama P.I.E. Campaign

This poster looks at the role of private equity funds in the loss of affordable housing in New York City.

2. Detention & deportation
Families For Freedom

This poster educates people facing criminal charges, targeted communities, and immigrant detainees about the consequences of taking a guilty plea. The poster clarifies important links between criminal justice, deportation, and local police practices.

3. New York City street vendor regulations
The Street Vendor Project

The poster distills the complex laws and regulations governing street vendors in New York City. It acts as an authoritative resource that vendors can use every day on the street in interactions with police officers and local store owners.

4. Discriminatory barriers for formerly-incarcerated jobseekers
David Rothenberg Center for Public Policy at the Fortune Society

This poster is a public education tool stimulating awareness of the legal and illegal discriminatory barriers facing formerly-incarcerated jobseekers in New York State.


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